To all parents, with love

I have seen time and time again how parenting brings up a multitude of inner thoughts and feelings that previously lay dormant. It brings out the most incredible and primal protective instinct completely unlike anything else seen in human beings. Parents have so often said to me that it is a journey that brings them both their happiest and most challenging moments.

Children have a remarkable gift: they bring out the best and the worst in all of us. They hold up a mirror to show us our flaws, and they enable us to re-enter a world of childhood that is both beautiful and magical. Through the former we are given the chance to work on ourselves, and through the latter we get to experience pure joy.

Children bring with them the most wonderful opportunity to look within, and to challenge ourselves. To challenge ourselves to be just that little bit more patient, to communicate in a new way, and to handle our emotions differently than we might have done previously.

I have been incredibly lucky to have had access to some inspirational teachers who have given me an insight into the world of childhood, and who have shown me how we can, just maybe, make the world a happier place if we can start to change the way we see these amazing little (and not so little!) beings, and change the way we communicate and respond to them.

This blog is never meant to judge. It is not about trying to make perfect children, parents or teachers. Every post is written with love and is dedicated to every parent out there. I am in awe of every one of you. I hope my blog provides a little help and inspiration x