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Coming Soon: Workshop Series for Parents with Children under 5

This innovative series of workshops brings together the remarkable insights into children offered by the Montessori approach with the knowledge being developed in neuroscience. It also includes relaxation and mindfulness to support parents along the way.  The sessions are a chance for you to step out of the whirlwind of daily life and regain a sense of calm and balance. 

Each session will enable you to learn more about how children develop, what their specific needs are in the earliest years, and how to provide them with tools that will last them a lifetime.  A focus throughout the sessions will be on how to support your child in developing resilience and emotional wellbeing.  

There will be practical suggestions of how to promote independence, as well as ideas for activities to support development. We will also discuss positive approaches to discipline that really work!

FURTHER INFORMATION COMING SOON! To register your interest in attending, please email