How can I help? 

The first step is to meet you to discuss the challenges you are experiencing, and develop a plan for how Indigo can help. I am always very happy to have a telephone conversation before any appointments are made so that you can find out if my approach is right for you. Some of the areas that I can help with include:

  • Children biting and hitting
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Separation anxiety
  • Eating and "fussy eaters"
  • Sibling relationships
  • Toileting
  • Sleep
  • Stress and anxiety
  • School related problems
  • Preparing your home to meet children's developmental needs

"Thank you for’s been an eye think you know what you’re doing…when we started the journey I wasn’t sure it was going to be adding a great deal of extra value......but it has – so THANK YOU for making me up my game!" (BW)


Initial Consultation (90 mins)   During this session we will meet to discuss the areas you would like help with, and a plan will be developed for how we can work together to achieve this, using a range of effective strategies.

1-1 Sessions with Parents (60 mins)   Some parents like to attend weekly sessions for several weeks, and at other times they prefer to book an appointment as needed. I aim to be as flexible as possible to suit your needs.

1-1 Sessions with Children (60 mins)   Following an initial consultation, you may like to book a 1-1 session for your child for support with emotional literacy or relaxation techniques.

Workshops & Courses

The aim of the workshops is to help all parents to get in touch with their natural parenting instincts, and to have an opportunity to learn new information relevant to their child’s development. I like to create an informal, relaxed and 100% supportive atmosphere, in which everyone can feel at ease. Many parents have commented on how nice it is to have some time to chat to other parents, and what a relief it is to hear how many face the same challenges! 

  • Children and their 'Big Feelings'
  • Developing Discipline: Responding to Challenging Behaviour
  • The First Year of Life: Attachment and Connection
  • Emotionally Responsive Parenting
  • Building Self-Esteem and Independence
  • Mindfulness, Meditation and Relaxation for Children
  • The Montessori Home Environment for 0-3 Years
  • The Montessori Home Environment for 3 Years +

If you have a request for a workshop that isn't listed above, please do feel free to contact me.

"Just felt I want to say a huge thank you for the parent course….and providing me with the knowledge and tools to be a much calmer…and better parent." (CW)